Dating tips and relationship advice for fearless women.

As single women, we’re often told that dating should be fun and exciting. However in reality, dating can be stressful and disappointing, especially after dating for a long time with no success. We all want love and happiness, but these experiences can make us question whether we will ever find it.

But what if we are looking at dating the wrong way? What if we’re relying too much on luck, when really it comes down to our choices and strategies? What if we can change the patterns that have given us the wrong results in the past, and create new patterns that give us exactly what we do want?

At Vixen Dating, we believe dating can be empowering and fun. However, like any skill, you must cultivate the right attitude, habits, and discipline to master it. Vixen Dating provides dating advice and coaching to help you learn these skills and build your confidence, so that dating feels fun and you attract a great relationship naturally.

Nicole GaasenbeekHi, I’m Nicole Gaasenbeek, the founder of Vixen Dating.

Like many women, I spent years of my life crushing on and dating the wrong guys, wondering why all my friends were in relationships but I was perpetually single. Throughout high school, university, and young adulthood, I ignored great guys who tried to take me out and treat me well in favour of guys who wouldn’t call, text, or frankly even notice me.

It wasn’t until I was in my mid-twenties that I finally took control of my dating habits and decisions. A particularly awful relationship finally woke me up to the fact that, if I wanted the negative pattern of my relationships to change, it had to start with me. I had to change my attitude, my expectations, and my choices.

I began investing time, effort, and energy in bettering myself, researching intensely and reading as many dating advice and self-help books as I could find. I consciously worked to improve my self-awareness, image, and discipline, devising tactics that enabled me to transform my dating life into an exciting and empowering element of my life. The dates I went on felt relaxed and natural, and within a year I was dating an amazing man who has made me happy every day since.

Having spent years dating unsuccessfully, I know that frustration, self-doubt, and hopelessness can threaten to take over. I want to reach other women like me, and help them push through it so they can find the same happiness that I did. I don’t think any woman should have to question whether she’ll ever find what she is looking for. So often, we stand in our own way, and we just need someone to support us, guide us, and inspire us to recognize that we can and should have what we want.

I was lucky enough to encounter inspiration that helped me make this switch in my own life, and there is so much I have learned along the way. I know the pitfalls, challenges, and the work involved, but I also know the rewards. I want my girlfriends, sisters, cousins, and every woman to find a great man to make them happy, love them unconditionally, and treat them well. This is the reason I founded Vixen Dating.

If you are also struggling with these challenges, I am here to help you. My advice and programs aren’t always easy, but they are worth it. If you commit to it, you can make changes that will empower you to find a great relationship, and have fun while you do it. This is what Vixen Dating is all about – becoming the best version of yourself, so that you can enjoy dating, and attract a wonderful relationship naturally.