30 Fail-Proof Date Conversation Ideas & Questions

Plus: The 10 Fatal Topics that Can Ruin a Great Date

Tired of feeling tongue-tied on the first date, and worrying you won’t have enough to talk about?

Eliminate the stress of a first date by learning the key questions and tactics that drive interesting conversations. These strategies will help you become a confident and engaging conversationalist, and give you the ability to strike up a conversation with even a complete stranger.

You’ll learn conversation paths that will:

  • Relax you both and put you at ease early on in the date
  • Inspire him to tell you about his passions and hobbies
  • Reveal the interests and tastes you both share
  • Create natural opportunities to tell stories and talk about big ideas
  • Encourage a dynamic that is fun and comfortable

What you don’t talk about on a first date is just as important as what you do talk about. Even a great date can be sabotaged by the wrong question or subject. I’ve made sure to include the 10 conversation topics to avoid at all costs on a first date, so that you don’t have anything left to worry about!

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